Top-to-Toe Spa Packages


Top-to-Toe Spa Package
Luxury Facial and Mini Manicure – Deep Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Treatment, Mask, Hot Towels, Massage Face, Arms, Neck, Shoulders, Moisturise.  (1hr 30min) £40.00
Indian Head Massage – Great Stress reliever and helps to promote well being, very relaxing with Mini Facial Included. (1 hour) £30.00
Luxury Manicure and Pedicure – File, Shape, Deep Scrub, Treatment Mask, Cuticle Work and Mini Facial. (1-2 hours) £48.00
Back/Shoulder Massage – To help relieve Stress/Tension/Relax and Promote well-being. Mini Facial included.  (1 hour) £35.00
Luxury Detox Back Treatment – Deep Purifying Cleanse, Treatment, body brush, Exfoliation, back mask, Massage, Mini Facial (improves the appearance of the back and helps aches / pains. (1hr.30 min) £45.00
Luxury Facial /pedicure ( 1-2 hours) £55.00