Hair Treatments

Hi/Low Lights woven areas – from £30.00
Hi/Low Lights (with foils) half head-from £49.00
Hi/Low Lights (with foils) full head-from £69.00
T. section foil hi/low lights £38.00
Semi permanent colour-from £30.00
Full head tint- from £50.00
Re-growth colour-from £35.00
Quasi colour ideal way to introduce colour-from £30.00
Perms, cut, style and finish £60.00
Hair styled and put up – from £35.00
Cut and blow dry £30.00
Blow Dry £18.00
Ladies cut wet or dry – from £18.00
Restyles, consultation, cut, style, product £35.00
 kids cut – from    £10.00
 Gents wet/dry £12.00
Gents cut/ washed and styled £18.00
Beards   £2.50
HAIR COLOURING FROM COLOUR HERBE – is the original and most natural alternative hair colour, free of harsh chemicals and NO Ammonia.  It incorporates proteins, botanicals and natural vegetable extracts, nutrients that give hair a deep natural shine, very little fade, totally covering grey hair and vibrant healthy colour.  NO Ammonia means no toxic fumes and a far more pleasent salon experience.